Megane On TrailerFour days of country drives, great meals, fantastic people and even a little bit of track work – this years Oz Renault Sport Nationals have been one of the best subscribed and enjoyable yet. Our Romano WorkX team joined the fleet as they descended upon Yass for a spirited drive through the Brindebella National Forrest. The drive took-in some of country NSW’s best views and roads and a brief stop gave us an opportunity to catch-up with the rest of the members. The level of participation has been fantastic as witnessed by the breadth of models that attended the event. Every Clio and Megane from the 172 to the RS265 were proudly represented in their varied colours and specification.

The drive back to Yass was equally vigorous and the flotilla convened in the Yass Soldiers Club for a fantastic dinner and slide-show. The images of the previous years’ Oz Renault Sports Nationals were a nostalgic boon for previous participants and a visual feast for the newer members.

Yellow MeganeThe event had originally started in Albury on the previous day and included members from as far as South Australia (who where suitable rewarded for the efforts on the last night of the event). The majority of members hailed from Victoria, NSW and the ACT. Our Romano WorkX crew were the only representatives from Queensland however I suspect that next years ‘Nationals’ will attract more members.

The Saturday schedule included a track day at Wakefield Park hosted by Circuit Club. A large portion of our members signed up for a full day of tyre destroying action which started with a track familiarisation session. The weather was perfect as the first un-timed sessions kicked-off the day. This allowed for passengers to climb aboard including driver-trainers and other forum members.

The level of driving standards were perfect as our cars shared the track with supercharged Honda S2000’s, AMG Mercedes and turbo charged GTR’s. Our very own Megane RS250 finished 5th outright with a 1:08.433 and fastest Renault. The fastest non-professional Renault was also a Megane RS250 ably piloted by Adrian Weir and an amazing time of 1:10.006.

There were other notable efforts from the Oz RS brigade which can be found HERE!

RenaultsMark Eddy, Francois Jouy, Adam Spence & Russell Boyd arrived at the circuit with their respective purpose built track weapons. Eddy & Jouy have prepared the latest entrant for the Shannons Australian Manufacturers Championship series – a Megane RS265 replete with a remarkable matt finish similar to the Angels & Demon Clio series.

Spence fielded his Targa class winning Megane – one of two that recently contested Targa Adelaide. The level of detail and finish was matched only by the sophistication of the equipment and gadgetry.

Boyd’s go-kart like Clio turned heads even as it sat on it’s custom trailer at Yass the previous afternoon. Once on-track the spectators rushed to the fence to get a glimpse of the pocket rocket. Adam Spence managed to wrestle the keys (nee start button) from Boyd for a quick spin just before lunch…lucky bugger!

The evening festivities then moved to the ‘local’ in Gunning where the pub food was equally matched by the long-tales of track infamy…

Big BallsAnthony Musson and Dishan Marikar presided over the event which included awards for a number of feats during the 2013 event. A truly remarkable effort by both Anthony and Dishan that will be hard to beat in years to come. Romano WorkX would like to thank all the participants, volunteers and especially Anthony Musson and Dishan Marikar for a truly enjoyable ‘Nationals’. Roll On 2014!!!

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