Upgrade Kits – superceded

Holden Performance Kits

VE-VF V8 performance packages that won’t sacrifice driveability … or your new car warranty.*
Our kits are perfectly matched and tuned to deliver incredible horsepower balanced with superb usability in a visually understated package. It’s all designed to make your car the ultimate ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’. Talk to us for all your Holden Performance Upgrades.


Stage 1: 350 KW
  • Custom lowered springs
  • Complete exhaust system including:
  • Headers, cats, twin 3 inch system including billet tips
  • Cold air intake:
  • Airbox and Intake Pipe
  • Complete custom retune
  • Certificate & build plate including vehicle badging
Stage 2: 400 KW
  • Stage 1 350kw kit plus:
  • Camshaft, valve springs, chrome moly retainers and titanium locks including retune
Stage 3: 450 KW
  • Stage 1 350kw kit plus:
  • HTV1900 supercharger kit
Stage 4: 500 KW
  • Stage 2 400kw kit plus:
  • HTV1900 supercharger kit and twin intake fuel system
Upgrade Options
Other Upgrade Options:

  • Billet quick shift
  • 3.7 diff gear upgrade
  • TrueTrac torque biasing diff center
  • Clutch upgrades
  • Shock absorber and spring packages
  • Braided brake lines
  • Brake caliper & rotor upgrades
  • Engine oil cooler mate
  • Differential oil cooler
  • Transmission oil cooler kit
  • Alloy race radiator
  • Oil catch can

Volkswagen Performance Kits

Enhance drivability and tap into hidden horsepower with a BRPM Golf Performance Package.  Designed specifically for the Golf R and Golf GTI, BRPM performance packages are perfectly matched and tuned to each car to tap into its full potential and release hidden torque and horsepower while improving throttle response and overall driveability … without compromising.


  • 40% increase in power
  • 40% increase in torque
  • Over 50% increase in torque in mid range
  • Avg 25% increase in power at top end and over 45% increase through mid
Kit Includes
  •  Complete turbo-back exhaust system (stainless)
  •  Euro high-flow catalytic converter
  •  Replacement high-flow air filter assembly
  •  Complete custom direct-port OBD tuning